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Dynabrade Convolute Wheels
For Deburring & Finishing

152 mm & 203 mm Diameters (6" & 8")

NEW Convolute Wheels are ideal for a wide range of deburring and finishing applications. Wheels connect to standard Bench Grinder, for use on stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, carbon steel, plastic, composites, alloys and more!

Convolute Wheels
Convolute Wheels on a Grinder
Convolute Wheels are DIRECTIONAL, with ARROW printed on label and stamped onto wheel

Multi-Finishing Wheel

  • Layers of silicon carbide non-woven nylon, with soft open web impregnated with resin
  • Ideal for achieving satin or cosmetic finishes, plus uniform or brushed finishes
  • Also great for removing weld discoloration, rust and general cleaning needs

Metal Finishing Wheel

  • Aluminum oxide non-woven nylon with medium density open web, impregnated with resin
  • Generates distinct finishes such as satin, cosmetic, brushed or antique
  • Blends abrasive scratches while achieving burr-free finish, acceptable for coating and polishing in one step!

Deburring Wheel

  • Silicon carbide non-woven nylon wheel, impregnated with resin
  • Ideal for removing light burrs, blending machine and belt marks, applying final finishes
  • Also used for polishing molds, dies and surgical tools

Deburring Wheel – Type “R”

  • Silicon carbide non-woven nylon wheel impregnated with more rigid resin for enhanced cutting action
  • Utilized for removing burrs, plus blending machine and belt marks